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This is all about you.

My Therapy Place offers a holistic approach to mental health and addiction issues. Our therapists are trained to look beyond the obvious and help you acquire the tools, knowledge and experience to forge ahead in creating the future you desire. We offer confidential individual and group sessions addressing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and substance abuse.

Here you will find sensitive professionals invested in providing you with the best possible outcomes.

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Individual Service Plans that work for you.

All services are currently being offered exclusively through telehealth. The video conference platform is easy to access and provides secure convenient communication by smartphone, tablet and computer. Telephone appointments are also available.

In-person appointments will resume once Covid-19 issues have resolved.

Convenient, confidential therapy sessions wherever you are.

We understand that reaching out for help can sometimes be a difficult process and that trying to connect with someone via technology can be intimidating to say the least. We aim to make this effort as painless as possible by offering the ability to connect through video or phone appointments. Use our free consultation to give it a try and experience the convenience of therapy sessions that virtually come to you.

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Maintains confidentialty, promotes trust.

Individual therapy is tailored to your specific needs and can be beneficial to almost anyone at times. You receive one-on-one attention from your therapist and treatment is able to be more focused on addressing the dynamics of your specific situation. Individual therapy can address many issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, life decisions, grief and substance abuse in a confidential and supportive therapeutic environment.

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“Courage is knowing what not to fear”


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